Prague is an enigmatic city. For more than a thousand years, in the heart of Europe, it has witnessed European history in all its aspects. The city of Prague has a material appearance, which is what we can see. But there is  also a soul which we can only feel. Finally, there is the spirit of the city, which can be sensed by the initiated.

The various faces of Prague has given it many names: Praga Caput Regni, Praga Mater Urbium, Praga Aurea, Praga Alchymica, Praga Hermetica, Praga Judaica, Praga Magica, Praga Mysteriosa, etc. Perhaps surprisingly, there is also PRAGA MASONICA.

Prague is an old masonic center, yet not much is known about it. You are invited to make a journey through various topics relating to Freemasonry in Prague and Bohemia in order to unveil and discover the hidden and the unknown. Profit and pleasure shall be your reward.